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The Konecranes comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance in the Middle East

Konecranes has been present in the Middle East for many years. Their knowledgeable local technicians focus on the entire lifecycle of the crane to help improve the safety and productivity of customer operations and reduce the cost of crane ownership over the lifetime of the crane. With insights on local requirements and evolving crane technology on all types of cranes, Konecranes has developed a comprehensive maintenance program that supports long-term safety and performance.

Preventive maintenance is the foundation of Lifecycle Care

Lifecycle Care is a systematic, consistent, comprehensive and professional approach to maintenance, supported by world-class tools and processes.

The foundation of Lifecycle Care is inspections and preventive maintenance. Konecranes tailors their CARE Preventive Maintenance program to their customers’ operations and take into account crane usage, the operating environment, duty classification, manufacturer’s recommendations and local regulations.

If a customer is looking for a more comprehensive maintenance agreement that goes beyond preventive maintenance, Konecranes offers the COMMITMENT and COMPLETE programs. And if a customer needs only basic service, Konecranes offers the CONDITION and CONTACT programs.

Leading technology and trained specialists offer a variety of Consultation Services

Konecranes offers a variety of Consultation Services that can provide a deeper analysis of a customer's lifting equipment and help identify improvement oppportunities. Trained technicians can provide equipment analyses beyond simple visual inspection, such as: RopeQ™ Magnetic Rope Inspection, which analyzes the condition of internal wires, strands and wire rope core; RailQ™ Crane Runway Survey, which uses a remotely operated robot to analyze the alignment of the crane rails; and CraneQ™ Crane Geometric Survey, which provides an accurate geometric analysis of the crane.

The Konecranes consultative approach can help guide customer decision-making. They take time to meet with their customers to provide recommendations based on industry-leading expertise.

"We don’t just drop off a report on our way out but take the time to share our findings and discuss how each action impacts the operation of our customer. With our industry-leading technology and non-destructive testing, we can uncover latent or hidden defects with minimum disruption," says Shankara Rao, Konecranes Service Manager in KSA.

Konecranes and the Middle East